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Metal treatment - Ald Vacuum Technologies GmbH
ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH from Germany is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of vacuum furnaces and vacuum processes. ALD is operating in all fields of vacuum metallurgy and vacuum heat treatment with high-tech products and services.

ALD's primary and remelting technologies produce high grade ultra pure materials and alloys. The main focus is on steels and special nickel based alloys as well as on special materials i.e. Titanium, Tantalum or Niobium and the products thereof like blocks, investment castings, energy recovery or metal powder. Various applications are in the aviation industry, the chemical and electrical industry. Furnaces for coating of turbine blades as well as the production of ultra pure silicon blocks as a basic material for solar wafers are examples of our high-end technology.

VIM ⁄ VIDP Vacuum Induction Melting Plants
Capacity : 1 –30,000 kg
Applications : Melting, Alloying and casting under vacuum of oxidation prone metals and alloys.? Main uses are in R&D, Electronic Industry, Dental Applications, Aerospace and Precious Metal Industry.
VID - Vacuum Induction Degassing Plants
Capacity : 1 –30,000 kg
Applications : Alloying and degassing of small batches of special steels, casting under atmosphere or inert gas atmosphere. For special steel producers in steel plant and Foundries.
ESR - Electroslag Remelting Plants
200mm- 2300mm ingot diameter
Applications : Remelting of tool steels, cold rolls, engineering steel www.paywatches.me as well as steels and superalloys for aircraft and energy application.
VAR - Vacuum Arc Remelting Plants
70-1600 mm ingot diameter
Applications : Remelting of reactive metals like Ti or Zr, engineering steel as well as steels and superalloys for aircraft and energy application.
VIM IC - Vacuum Investment Casting
Vacuum Induction Melting & Casting with ceramic crucibles and cooling devices for directionally solidified / single crystal solidification.
Applications : For turbine blades and vanes for the Aircraft and Industrial Gas turbine industries.
Leicomelt - Induction Cold Crucible Melting

1-30 l copper crucible volume

Applications : For melting and casting of reactive materials like Ti, Zr
VIGA Vacuum Induction Plants for Melting and Gas Atomization

1-300 l crucible volume

Applications : Production of Metal powder (Brazing powder, hydrogen storage alloys, Ni base alloy powder, plasma spray powder)
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