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QUINTUS Technologies

» New Name for long high Pressure equipment experience

» Pioneers in high pressure press Design with experience over 60 years

The Principle of Flexforming
Sheet metal is formed over one shape defining tool half by a flexible rubber diaphragm, backed up by high hydraulic pressure:

The blank is placed on the rigid tool half The press table is moved into the press where the diaphragm is located. Oil is pumped into the press above the diaphragm which is forced by the oil pressure to wrap the blank around the tool. After decompression, the press table is moved out.
Quintus presses are designed with wire wound press cylinders and frames for excellent fatigue properties, long life, compact design and low –weight even at large press forces.

Presses for small and large parts, type QFC Press for small parts,type QFL
Flexform is a sheet metal froming method for flexible ane cost-effective low-volume productions:
AEROSPACE : Structural items, Panel and engine components
AUTOMOTIVE : Prototype and development parts. Low volume and niche-Vehicle parts.

? QFC 1.4 x 4 - 1000
Quintus® Cold Isostatic Presses  
A cold Isostatic press (CIP) is a pressure vessel used for pressing encapsulated metal and ceramic powder to achieve high density, high green strength and consistent properties before subsequent sintering. Pressure medium is water-oil emulsion.

Quintus® HOT Isostatic Presses
A Hot Isostatice Press (HIP) is a pressure vessel with a unique combination of twemperature and pressure, Which makes it possible to heal internal voids in metal and ceramic materials and parts to susbstatially improve strength, starting from castings or encapsuated powder. Pressure 100-300 MPa.
U-Boat Replica Presure medium is argon gas.


Fully Dense, Net Shape ceramic parts from powder


Fully dense near net shape metal parts from powder


Improved properties of castings.
HIP heals internal cracks and porosity in sintered and cast parts.

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