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Metal treatment - Bosio
BOSIO d.o.o., Slovenia

BOSIO Ltd was founded in 1990 in Slovenia. Bosio was started with production of small furnaces for thermal treatments in 1988.

Bosio specializes in the field of industrial kilns and furnaces. Consequently Bosio grew from a small workshop to a modern company of 70 employees with a worldwide known brand.

The name BOSIO guarantees a very good quality for an acceptable price. In Slovenia, most of tool producers have chosen their furnaces.

In last few years Bosio has started to develop pit/split furnaces to enter into heavy forgings market. All furnaces are produced in accordance with requirements of customers.

Bogie Hearth Furnaces
These are chamber type electrical / gas heated furnaces used for tempering, hardening, annealing and normalizing of steel. For ex. Heavy Forgings.
Max temp. up to 1250 deg.C
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Pit Furnace with Protective Atmosphere

These furnaces can be used for heat treatment of steel like tempering, carburising, annealing etc. 
Max temp. 1050 deg.C


Aluminium tempering & Ageing Furnace
These furnaces can be used for tempering and ageing treatment of Al. Max temp 550 deg. C
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