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Solutions for the aerospace industry

Broetje-Automation is the world's leading expert for the specialized production processes in the aviation and aerospace industry. Our team of 350 employees located at our sites in Germany (Wiefelstede & Jaderberg), in the USA, France and China plans and implements highly-efficient solutions for the assembly of aircrafts.

"Composed to compete" is their promise to continuously expand our process expertise. But above all they promise you - our customers in the aviation and aerospace industry - customized solutions for the ongoing optimization of your production processes and thus your competitive edge that are based on globally proven standards.

Their guiding principles are:
  • Personal and reliable cooperation
  • Performance orientation as an expression of our customer relationship
  • Enthusiasm for innovation in our search for optimum solutions
  • Continuous advancement for process and performance optimization
  • Global experience

Broetje-Automation optimizes your processes with solutions suited for automated assembly as well as for the manufacture and handling of components made from metal and carbon fiber composites. We thus replica watches harmoniously integrate our systems, e.g. for drilling, riveting or fiber placement, into your production processes. Included in our repertoire are also the perfect tools and solutions for manual assembly.


equipment OF BROETjE

  • Assembly Systems
  • Composite Manufacturing
  • Automated Assembly
  • Manual Assembly
? Assembly Systems
Assembly Lines Transport Jigs
Jigs & Tools Transport know-how

? Composite Manufacturing
Continuous Composite Preforming (Thermoplast) Fiber Placement Technology
Composite Handling Handling & Draping

? Automated Assembly
Drilling / Fastening Special Machines
Drilling / Fastening Software

? Manual Assembly
Staging Tools


Factory Planning RC/NRC - Calculation
Design for Manufacturing Simulation


Machine Optimization Hotline
Maintenance Spart Parts Management

Broetje Customer

Hall of fame - Customer feedback

Frank Helmerichs, Premium Aerotec GmbH (Jan. 2012)   Mr. Kevin Payne , GKN (Dec. 2010)

Mit Soul OLPS V5 ist das Zusammenspiel Zwischen Programmiersystem and Maschine optimal gelost.

NC- Programmer lassen sich durch die innvoative Programmierweise sehr effektiv erstellen und schnell modifizieren. Soul OLPS V5 Kommat meiner Vision von einem optimalen Programmiersystem sehr nahe.
  We can look back on this year as a very successful on which wouldn’t have been achieved without your cooperation so thank you for that.
Mr. Martin Williams, GKN (Dec. 2010)   Mr. Matthias Spengler, Premium Aerotec (Dec. 2010)

Can I take the opportunity to thank you and your team for the good effort and sometimes quite spectacular support that you have given us during 2010 above and beyond what we could have expected.


vielen Dank fur ihren groBen personlichen Einsatz bei der Entwicklung der Anlagen fur die A350 Schalenmontage. Wir bedanken uns auch bei allen Ihren Kollegen fur die Einsatzbereitschaft den Willen, die Anlagen ...

Rechtzeitig in Betrieb zu nehmen
Mr. Nicholas Crowder, Gulfstream (Nov. 2010)   Mr. Li Hui, Chengdu Aircraft (Nov. 2010)
We can look back on this year as a very successful on which wouldn't have been achieved without your cooperation so thank you for that.   We would like to express our ten thousand thanks for swiss replica watches the efforts you made! We are very happy to have such an outstanding supplier like you. I Will report this matter to our leaders.
Spirit AeroSystems (Jun. 2009)    

On the original fact-finding of Broetje, Spirit leaders realized the enormous potential for creating one-of-a-Kind riveting equipment that would support spirit's goal of becoming the premier supplier of aero systems. While other supplier offered machines that Spirit could figure out how to fit into the plan, Broetje took the intiative to offer custom-fabricated machines designed to fit our processes


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